Airline Loyalty System

Adapt to any situation with agility and confidence

Evinta Loyalty...

Make passengers feel extra special for choosing to fly with you!

"Be the first airline on your passenger’s mind when it comes to traveling". That’s how we designed our Loyalty system - which is super handy when it comes to engaging those fans to earn, burn or buy miles. After all – they are the ones who spread the word. You wouldn’t want to miss the chance to make the best of it.

Evinta Loyalty is all about maximizing your bottom-line while making your frequent flyers feel like a million bucks.

Platform to handle Enrollment, Accruals, Redemption processes seamlessly

Airline Partner portal to handle your airline partners

Non-Air partner portal to handle your airline non-air partners

Enhanced Redemption process that facilitate seamless redemption points to your loyal passengers

A Public Portal that offers customers features such as enrolment, account management, accruals, redemptions, special service requests and online blogs

Retro credit/missing miles update feature to validate and enter flown details that have not been considered for point accumulation

Business Rules Engine that facilitate airlines to customized system as per the airline business

Multidimensional Reporting Universe that enables the airline to view its customers in all their multiple facets

Onboard Duty-free Points Redemption

Family and corporate scheme that allow for grouping of points

Adding Air and Non-air partners any time with different promotional and activity point allocation

Accessibility 24/7 from anywhere cause its 100% web based

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