Flight Information Display System

Adapt to any situation with agility and confidence

Evinta FIDS...

No more screen limits!

Easy content adding with smashing templates!

Create your own super cool flight info display in minutes!

It’s a good thing to be a busy airport, but a whole different thing to ensure millions of passengers get to the right counters, gates and belts on time. Present all the right flight and desk information at a glance. And keep it fully updated. In real-time. All those confused travelers will thank you.

Evinta FIDS is a life saver, simply because...

It allows you to create your own cool displays using easily configurable templates

It has the ability to work as a stand-alone solution or Hosted solution

It is Multilingual

You don’t have to worry about your current software/ hardware/ displays. It easily integrates with your current systems and equipment

Evinta FIDS is independent of display device technology (LED/LCT/TFT screen)

No Hardware, middleware or proprietary protocol dependencies

You can even change your displays on-the-fly

Monitor it from a single location

Best of all its got a role based content management system which gives access to needed users only

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