Backup Departure Control System

Adapt to any situation with agility and confidence

Is your ariline ready for next DCS outage?

If you are working for an airport or better yet, responsible for managing one, it’s no surprise that airport system outages have left you distraught at least once or twice during the past year. You’ve dealt with delayed planes, unhappy passengers and an overall disaster.

We understand, and we know that the struggle is real. Primary DCS outages are a common phenomenon and an expensive one at that! So, Evinta team came with the solution BDCS that that helps you to stay connected even in the primary DCS outages.

Why Evinta is unique?

Real time integration and data synchronization with primary DCS

Seamlessly switch to Backup DCS and continue the operation

Interfaces to external systems like Regulatory / BRS / E-Border

Web based application that can access in anywhere

Certified by all major CUTE providers (SITA, ARINC, TRAVELSKY, and RESA)

Support to IATA standard post departure messages

Fully integrated load control services

Easy to setup and train

Mobile monitoring

Can run as Locally or Hosted solution

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