Internet Booking Engine

Adapt to any situation with agility and confidence

Evinta IBE...

Tired of watching your competition get customer after customer?

Want to amp up your ticket sales right away?

It's simple, all you have to do is create an individual buying experience for each traveler and sell like crazy through every sales channel you can possibly get your hands on!

Evinta IBE does exactly that. Because, it creates more ways for you to connect with your passengers.

Why is Evinta good for you?

Evinta will increase internet bookings with minimum interaction with your GDS.

It will open up your sales channels to Corporate buyers, IATA agents, non-IATA agents, sub-agents, sub-sub-sub agents…

You have an underperforming route? No problem. We will show you how to use promotions to their best advantage.

Key Features...

Centralized sales channel management (IBE, Call Centre, Corporate portal, Travel Agents, Stations, OTAs)

Market segment specific booking flows (lowest fare, schedule based, multi-city options)

Up-sell features that move low spending customers to higher spending brackets

In-built connectivity to GDS/CRS systems

Ability to create travel promotions and campaigns

Comprehensive manage booking features

Multiple payment options and card types (online and offline payment)

Additional revenue through ancillary services (cars, hotels, holidays, insurance)

Evinta Connect

Evinta comes to you with in-built interfaces with following third-party systems!

All popular Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and Central Reservation Systems (CRS) interfaces

Loyalty system / Frequent Flyer Programs

Vendors (Hotels, Cars, Insurance, Holiday packages, Duty Free)

Communication (E-mail, SMS, MMS)

Settlement (Payment gateway, Billing and Settlement Plan, Fraud Prevention)

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