Baggage Reconciliation System

Adapt to any situation with agility and confidence

Passengers have checked-in. What about their bags?

You need to ensure the right bag is tagged to the right passenger during loading, offloading and transfer.

Evinta Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS) delivers a truly integrated approach to baggage handling and tracking – from passenger check-in to baggage retrieval.

What you get...

Simply scan and go. Bags will be accurately assigned and tracked. No worries.

Be totally in charge of all bag movements and baggage statuses – Search, Force Load, Force Unload, Unauthorized Load. Move Bag, Relocate Bags….

Reports! Oh, such wonderful reports! We faithfully report everything you need to know about those bags.

Key Features

Area allocation

Location Identification

Ad hoc flight creation

Integrated with DCS system

ULD assignments / Bulk handling


Integrated Baggage Handling with DCS / Option available to enter manual tag details

Transfer baggage handling

Authorize/Un Authorize baggage loading with comments.

Move Baggage's from ULD to ULD

Allocation of ULD

Relocate baggage's to different Location

View Messages

Flight specific reports

Statistical / other Reports

Dashboard to monitor your operation details

Supports Barcode Scanning devices

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