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About Us

John Keells IT, is a leading boutique consulting and professional services company and is a fully owned subsidiary of Sri Lanka's largest and premier conglomerate, John Keells Holdings PLC (www.keells.com). John Keells IT has a distinct focus on strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations through its strategic business units and together with its strategic partners in the likes of SAP, MICROSOFT, Ui-Path, etc. is uniquely poised to create a VALUE ECO- SYSTEM for you which is unparalleled of its kind. JKIT as it is known think of the technology evolution in 4 stages. They are named – JKIT-Transact, JKIT-Transform, JKIT-Engage & JKIT-Innovate. Today the mission of organizations is to evolve from transact to innovate state completing the transform & engage journeys. In order to do the same there are key capabilities in infrastructure & process which needs to be re-engineered. JKIT is in a unique position to guide its customers to create the NEW NORMAL - driven by SIMPLICITY, built for RESILIENCE, reimagined for POSSIBILITIES; remodeled for AGILITY and powered by DATA.