Departure Control System

Adapt to any situation with agility and confidence

Evinta DCS is a comprehensive passenger processing system for check-in and boarding at airports. Our software helps Airlines and Airports to effectively manage their passenger handling processes by running their operations with one consolidated software solution.

And also, Evinta team understands that as an airline you are thinking about how to provide Safe Travel Experience to your passengers while keeping your staff also safe. Evinta Departure Control System is now enhanced with Zero Contact Operations to provide passenger and staff safe, smooth operation. While it is not easy to align with the new normal, challenges are raised which were not expected before. So we are happy to inform you that Evinta DCS is now more enhanced with new features that helps your business to adopt to new normal.

Evinta DCS is,

Ready to use

Able to access through the internet

100% cloud based

User-friendly, Simple easy to use

Minimum implementation and training time

Zero contact operation

Certified to access in all major CUTE environments

Able to access in the Non-CUTE environment

Supports IATA standard messages

Available as hosted or Local DCS

Speaks customer’s language

Monitor your airport(s) from anywhere in the world

24*7 help desk

Cost effective ( Billed on SAAS module )

IP based communication ( Reduce communication costs )

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