Aircraft Weight and Balance System

No green screens. No cryptic commands.

It’s so easy to load an aircraft safely and efficiently with Evinta Weight & Balance.

Everything is graphical and cool.

There’s more:

  • Your load controllers will have a complete picture of the aircraft during all stages of planning and finalization.
  • Evinta Weight & Balance supports anything from scheduled passenger jets to ad-hoc charter flights.
  • Since Evinta is on the Cloud, you can load your planes from anywhere!
  • Evinta W&B can work with Evinta DCS or your current DCS
  • ..Or it can simply stand-alone

Features include:

  • Ability to load aircraft in multiple airports
  • Loading for scheduled as well as charter or ad-hoc flights
  • Automatic Center of Gravity calculations
  • Planning and actual cargo data entry have been made easy through visually simulated aircraft diagram
  • Facility to generate Load Instructions and Final Load Sheet
  • Seamless integration with Evinta.DCS or any other Departure Control System
  • Enables integration of all relevant neighboring processes
  • Can operate as a standalone application
  • Takes into account load limitations, fuel limitations, individual baggage priorities and dangerous goods restrictions
  • High degree of planning accuracy through use of historic data

Want to see how easy it is to load an aircraft?