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Want to start an online travel business?

Already have a travel agency and tired of losing out to the competition?

Dreamt of finally taking your family on a cruise while the business makes money on its own?

Evinta OTA is what you need right NOW! It’s an Online Travel Agency solution that lets you set-up and run an online travel business with ease.

Evinta OTA is a fully Cloud-based solution that will help you set-up all your travel offers (airlines, hotels, ancillary services) on the Web and offer them to travelers across the globe.

  • So why stay locked in your little office space?
  • Open your doors to millions of new customers online
  • Become the HIGHEST grossing Travel business on the block!

The very first online travel agency we set up for a small biz owner went from Rank 54 to a
Top 10 Travel Agency in the country (by revenue) in two years!!

Features include:

  • Clear, crisp booking pages that guide customers effortlessly towards making a purchase
  • Targeted booking flows for different types of buyers (lowest fare, schedule based, multi-city options)
  • Up-sell features that move low spending customers to higher spending brackets
  • Ability to create travel promotions and campaigns that make people really really want to go on that dream holiday
  • On-line real time payments and tickets. No hassle. Just a click.
  • Other payment methods – for those customers who are still nervous about giving their Credit Card info
  • In-built connectivity to GDS/CRS systems (you can choose where you get your airline and hotel inventory from)
  • Complete back-office with all the features and reports you need to run an efficient travel business
  • 24x7x365 support. We will monitor, support and hold your hand at all times.

We promise you will never be left to deal with constant IT problems. Your business is to sell travel. We will take care of the rest.

Want to create a winning online travel business and make Big Bucks?

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