Baggage Reconciliation System

Passengers have checked-in. What about their bags?

You need to ensure the right bag is tagged to the right passenger during loading, offloading and transfer.

Evinta Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS) delivers a truly integrated approach to baggage handling and tracking – from passenger check-in to baggage retrieval.

You’ll be amazed at how smooth and hugely efficient your baggage handling becomes. Evinta is big on making things easy for you. It has a full set of facilities and features that take away the pain from the most arduous bag tracking and sorting jobs.

What you get:

  • Simply scan and go. Bags will be accurately assigned and tracked. No worries.
  • You will be able to deal with rush bags, crew bags, unknown bags or any other crazy runaway bags like a pro.
  • Easy load-device assignment and change.
  • Be totally in charge of all bag movements and baggage statuses – Search, Force Load, Force Unload, Unauthorized Load. Move Bag, Relocate Bags….
  • Monitor all operations including incoming Baggage Source Messages (BSM), outgoing Baggage Process Messages (BPM) and loading progress of each flight.
  • Reports! Oh, such wonderful reports! We faithfully report everything you need to know about those bags.

Excited to know how you can win those baggage battles?