“We didn't think that it would be so easy” Says Head of KIV Airport load control after Evinta DCS rollout


Colombo, August 6th, 2015, –“We didn't think that it would be so easy. We hope that all our future flights will be in such a manner”, said the delighted Head Of Load Control operations at KIV Airport - Sergiu Mungiu, while the Evinta team toasted to roll-out of Evinta Departure Control System (www.evintaaviation.com) this week at Chisinau International Airport, Moldova  (IATA code: KIV). Adding to Evinta’s 90+ airport installations, the implementation was marked with a companywide celebration at JKCS in Colombo.

Evinta is the market leader in Cloud based Airport software. Evinta DCS - which supports all areas of passenger check-in – now comes with a snazzy new Weight & Balance module for easy load controlling. It also offers real-time Dashboards to monitor the airport from anywhere at any time. The Evinta team is continually working on improving ground handling operations by using new technology and fun and easy interfaces – to the delight of the KIV staff and Evinta customers worldwide.

Evinta was commissioned for KIV by Aeroport Handling Company – the operator responsible for all ground handling services at Chisinau International Airport, Moldova. Wizz Air was the inaugural airline to use Evinta for their flight from Moldova to Rome.

The RESA CREWS CUPPS platform (www.resa.aero) is used to connect all check-in and boarding equipment at KIV Airport. Evinta operates on the RESA platform at all check-in counters and boarding gates.

“It’s another milestone for us. One that has inspired the team to work towards tougher breakthroughs” – expressed JC Ekanayake (CEO of JKCS) during the celebrations. “We want to keep surprising the Aviation Industry with great IT solutions, and with this launch hope to spice things up a lot more.” he further added.

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